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Server Setup Guide

Setting up Ultimate Investigator is a simple affair. Let's break it down by steps:

Invite the Bot

This is the simplest step. Simply use this invite link or use the "Invite Bot" option to the side to do so.

Setting Up the Config

It's worth running /config info first when you set up the bot. This gives you a pretty good idea about what options there are to use for the configuration (admittedly, not many):

An empty server /config info.

Your priority should be setting up the player role and Truth Bullet channel. This can be done pretty easily:

  • For the player role, select the /config player command, use the role option, and use the role you wish to be able to trigger Truth Bullets. It's worth noting that no other role will be able to use them, not even admins.
  • For the Truth Bullets channel, it's a similar process: select the /config bullet-channel command, use the channel option, and select the channel you want Truth Bullets to go in.

And you're technically ready! However, there are other commands worth noting:

  • /config best-truth-bullet-finder can be used to set roles given to the people who find the most Truth Bullets. If this is not given, no role will be handed out to those who find the most, though as of right now, a message for who sent the most is still sent.
  • /config toggle turns on or off triggering Truth Bullets. This'll be important later.

Setting Up Truth Bullets

Adding Truth Bullets

Let's get started by adding Truth Bullets - use /add-bullets and select a channel to, well, add a Truth Bullet to a specific channel. This'll pop out a little button that can be used at any time to add Truth Bullets to that channel.

An example of said button.

Once you click that button, a little pop-up will appear, asking you the trigger and a description (supports Discord markdown!) for the Truth Bullet you're adding.

The pop-up that appears while adding Truth Bullets.

Flexibility with Triggers

The trigger is designed to be flexible, so here are a few notes about what you can get away with:

  • You can use multiple words or a single word as a trigger.
  • Triggers are case-insensitive in terms of how they're triggered, so "oven" and "Oven" will act the same.
  • Trigger detection is not word-bound, so "book" trigger will trigger on messages containing "book", "books", "bookshelf", "book!", etc., since they all have "book" in them.
  • If you need multiple triggers, look at aliases, described later.

Specify those and press send - you should get a message able how that was done successfully!

Truth Bullets are unique by their trigger by channel, so while multiple channels can have a Truth Bullet with the same trigger, a single channel cannot have multiple Truth Bullets with the same trigger.

Seeing Current Truth Bullets

After adding Truth Bullets, you probably want to get a good overview of them. Let's use /list-bullets to list out the ones we've made so far:

An example of /list-bullets.

As you can see, it already has a Truth Bullet in it. This command will list out Truth Bullets for every single channel and if they were found - this is a useful reference to have as you make Truth Bullets or even watch over an investigation (Truth Bullets that have been found will be marked as such).

To see a specific Truth Bullet's information, you can use /bullet-info with the channel and trigger of the Truth Bullet you want to see:

An example of /bullet-info.

As you can see, it's pretty basic, but it does list everything you would need to know. Most of these fields are empty (as expected), but we can always reference these later.

Editing and Removing Truth Bullets

Editing a Truth Bullet is as simple as using /edit-bullet and specifying the channel and trigger of the Truth Bullet you wish to edit. A little pop-up will appear:

The pop-up that appears while editing Truth Bullets.

As you can see, it already has the old trigger and description in it - you'll be able to edit them from there (though you may want to temporarily move the contents to a proper text editor to edit things better). When you press submit, the Truth Bullet will be edited with the new trigger and description.

To remove a Truth Bullet, it's as simple as using /remove-bullet with the channel and trigger of the Truth Bullet you want to delete:

An example of removing a Truth Bullet.

Removing all Truth Bullets is as simple as running /clear-bullets. This action is irreversible!

Other Commands

  • To add an alias (an alternative trigger to trigger the same Truth Bullet), simply use the /add-alias command with the channel, trigger of the Truth Bullet, and the alias you wish to add to the Bullet. As you can imagine, /remove-alias follows a similar process.
  • /override-bullet and /unfind-bullet are more useful during investigations, as you can imagine, but they simply allow you to either re-define who found a Truth Bullet or un-discover it so its trigger can be triggered once again.
  • /help is your friend! Use it to find more commands that could be useful to you!

Starting an Investigation

To start off an investigation with all your Truth Bullets, simply run /config toggle and enable triggering Truth Bullets! Your players will now be able to discover any Truth Bullets you laid out for them. It's suggested that you do this once you get in your first BDA message with the initial hints in, though the bot gives you freedom on how to really do that.

An investigation ends when all Truth Bullets currently defined has been found. Till then, keep an eye on your player's progress through /list-bullets and give hints as needed. Once all have been found, the bot will automatically disable triggering bullets. You'll need to turn on /config toggle again if you add a Truth Bullet for people to find them.

Truth Bullets are not deleted after an investigation. You MUST do this manually by using /clear-bullets! Don't forget to do this - not doing so turns your Truth Bullets into a confusing mess of found and unfound Bullets. If you don't know if you've done it, use /list-bullets to verify it.