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Ultimate Investigator

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Ultimate Investigator is a bot meant to help out investigations with Danganronpa/Killing Game roleplays. More specifically, this helps out with "typical" investigations: investigations where users are expected to find key words to get Truth Bullets.

For example, moderators can:

  • Set up Truth Bullets for users to find in specific channels:

The pop-up that appears while adding Truth Bullets.

  • Manage Truth Bullets, including editing and removing them:

An example of /list-bullets.

The pop-up that appears while editing Truth Bullets.

An example of removing a Truth Bullet.

  • Adjust other settings, like who can trigger Truth Bullets and if a role is awarded to the person who finds the most Truth Bullets:

An empty server /config info.

Then, when Truth Bullet discovery is enabled, users can trigger a Truth Bullet by saying a specific phrase (a "trigger") in a channel:

Example of a message triggering a Truth Bullet.

Notice how the trigger is "oven", as represented by the red underline.

And the bot, as seen above, will reply with the Truth Bullet in the same channel and (not shown) in a separate channel of your choosing (to show them all in one place).

To see more information, you can either look at: